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Construction & Infra

18/11/2020 at 18h28, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Alain Panhard takes reins at Sogea Satom in East Africa 

The long-time Shell employee has taken the regional lead at the Vinci subsidiary.


16/11/2020 at 16h25, by Aurélie M'Bida

Transport & Logistics

04/11/2020 at 18h08, by Jeune Afrique Business+


03/11/2020 at 21h34, by Jeune Afrique Business+

DFC’s Adam S. Boehler seeks to strengthen Washington’s influence in Djibouti with CREC

The US institution is supporting entrepreneur Joe Yavorski with $150m for his renewable energy park in...

Mineral resources

30/10/2020 at 18h00, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Telecoms & Media

29/10/2020 at 18h37, by Tarik Bargal

American Tower pays off debts incurred for antenna acquisition in Kenya

Almost half of the amounts raised to finance the transaction with Telkom have already been repaid.

Capital Market & Private Equity

26/10/2020 at 08h32, by Jeune Afrique Business+

The venture capitalist Antler sets its sights on East Africa

 The financial vehicle supported by Facebook’s co-founder is preparing to break into the region.

Hospitality & Tourism

24/10/2020 at 13h40, by Jeune Afrique Business+

DFC considers support for Samuel Tafese’s upcoming Ethiopian Marriott

The multimillionaire businessman is currently building the brand’s second property in the capital.


22/10/2020 at 14h55, by Valentin Grille

Twiga Foods strengthens its finances with renewed support from the IFC ($15m)

The Nairobi-based start-up has secured a risk sharing arrangement with the international agency, which...

Transport & Logistics

15/10/2020 at 15h59, by Valentin Grille

How the IMF influenced the renegotiation of Albayrak’s port concession in Mogadishu

The Somali Port Authority signed an agreement with the Turkish construction firm in 2014. The contract...


14/10/2020 at 17h41, by Aurélie Benoit

Another Ethiopia win for CET with Addis Ababa electrification contract ($18m)

A new national electricity sector contract has been awarded to the subsidiary of Chinese giant SGCC,...

Bank & Insurance

14/10/2020 at 09h33, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Bpifrance chooses Nairobi over Johannesburg for new office

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