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04/03/2021 at 18h35, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Law firms increasingly attracted to the continent despite uncertainty

Gaining strength for several years, the law firms are continuing their continental development with an...


17/02/2021 at 17h11, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Emmanuel Gaillard wants to reinforce its african DNA with new Gaillard Banifatemi Shelbaya Disputes law firm

By launching a firm dedicated exclusively to arbitration, the lawyer is counting on high profile players...


16/02/2021 at 17h00, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Shell’s royal flush to make Abuja fold to ICSID

Accused of having caused an oil spill during the Biafran war, the oil major brought the case before the...


11/02/2021 at 19h50, by Gaëlle Arenson

Vieira de Ameida’s Africa task force

Founded some 40 years ago and operating in 13 jurisdictions via 300 lawyers, the Portuguese firm recently...


11/02/2021 at 19h24, by Jeune Afrique Business+


10/02/2021 at 16h10, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Dan Gertler’s lobbying networks in Washington and Brussels

In the United States and the European Union, Israeli businessman Dan Gertler, close to Joseph Kabila...


09/02/2021 at 16h48, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Okan wins port of N’Diago strategic positioning study

On Tuesday 9 February, the French firm Okan was awarded the strategic positioning study of the Mauritanian...


08/02/2021 at 18h32, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Debt: After Mauritania, Franklin/Finexem target two other signatures in Africa

According to a professional in the sector, Rothschild, Deloitte, Lazard, Southbridge and Parnasse International—investment...


08/02/2021 at 18h23, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Jean-François Levraud and Nicolas Jean: African experts on Gide’s new Executive Committee

As part of an overhaul of the Executive Committee, Jean-François Levraud was appointed Managing Partner...


04/02/2021 at 18h43, by Jeune Afrique Business+

MG Advogados, CBAM and Cuatrecasas, counsel DP World deal in Luanda

On 26 January, DP World signed a global contract worth more than $1 billion, including $150 million to...


29/01/2021 at 15h06, by Aurélie Benoit

Patrick Larrivé’s Asafo teams up with Albert Alsina in Cash Plus exit

The Casablanca branch of the firm launched by Pascal Agboyibor supported MCP in selling its shares in...


28/01/2021 at 17h51, by Tarik Bargal

Ashurst assists J.P. Morgan and UK Export Finance in the financing of the Cairo Monorail

The British public institution granted a £1.7 billion loan to the Egyptian authorities, who opted for...

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