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Construction & Infrastructure

16/07/2020 at 15h14, by Aurelie Benoit

The Dalais family (Ciel Group) plan to add value to their real estate assets

The vast Mauritian group has just set up a new entity entirely dedicated to the development of its real...


24/06/2020 at 20h01, by Aurelie Benoit

With Jin Jiang, Radisson hones its strategy in Africa

The American hotel chain is mainly relying on its Asian shareholder when it comes to expanding its footprint...


23/06/2020 at 17h25, by Tarik Bargal

In Morocco, CDG Développement banks on offshoring and seaside resorts

The company, controlled by Morocco’s state-owned fund Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion, is continuing its...

Hospitality & Tourism

19/06/2020 at 18h19, by Tarik Bargal

Aziz Akhannouch bets on Afriquia for the Akwa Group’s future growth

While the energy industry plans to make major investments, the impact of the health crisis means a slow-down...

Hotel business

11/05/2020 at 16h17, by Aurelie Benoit

Despite Covid-related turbulence, Radisson stays on track

The American hotel chain does not intend to revise its development plans downwards, even though the sector...


07/05/2020 at 15h03, by Jeune Afrique Business+

T Capital weighs down CFG Bank’s accounts with more than €13m in bad debt

As the unprecedented crisis linked to Covid-19 hits the tourism sector, the Moroccan investment fund...

Hotel business

30/04/2020 at 16h15, by Aurelie Benoit

In Algeria, Marriott postpones the opening of two new properties

The group has had to delay the launch of hotels in the Algerian capital due to the Covid-19 pandemic....


27/03/2020 at 16h11, by Valentin Grille

In the midst of a massive restructuring, Ikeja Hotels appoints Theophilus Eniola Netufo as CEO

The Nigerian hotel group has just seen the end of a lengthy forensic audit, initiated in 2017 by Nigeria’s...

Hotel business

05/02/2020 at 16h21, by Aurelie Benoit

Radisson accelerates and sets its sights on the Indian Ocean

The American hotel group is setting out to triple its portfolio in the region, with the openings of four...

Hotel business

22/01/2020 at 15h56, by Jeune Afrique Business+

N’Djamena Hilton closed: no word from Abdelkerim Idriss Déby or Minister Mariam Mahamat Nour

Jeune Afrique Business+ has obtained a copy of a letter in which Abdelkerim Idriss Déby, Deputy Chief...

Hotel business

18/01/2020 at 16h35, by Tarik Bargal

CIH Bank sells Club Sangho to KMR Groupe, which is expanding in the hotel business in Morocco

Following acquisitions of university campuses and clinics, the group led by Mohamed Kabbadj is buying...

Hotel business

15/01/2020 at 14h37, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Cédric Houdrouge (Mercure) has big plans for Yaoundé

The vice-president of the Monaco-based group has spoken to Jeune Afrique Business+ of his plans to build...

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