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Land transport

30/03/2021 at 19h31, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Axelcium-led consortium shortlisted for $292 million toll road feasibility study in Mauritania

A consortium, led by the French Axelcium (turnover €2.44 million in 2018), has been shortlisted for the...

Land transport

22/03/2021 at 18h22, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Mali: Serge Ekué and BOAD boosts road infrastructure in fight against terrorism

The bank granted a loan to develop this strategic roads in the fight against terrorism in the region.

Land transport

04/03/2021 at 17h33, by Jeune Afrique Business+

AUFS, Syntell and Esnap short-listed for production of biometric permits in DR Congo

Kinshasa is in the final phase of selecting a partner to produce five million official documents.

Land transport

27/01/2021 at 18h35, by Aurélie Benoit

Ethiopia: CREC ahead of four of its compatriots on a road contract

After the railway linking the country to Djibouti and the Addis Ababa tramway, the Chinese group has...

Land transport

08/01/2021 at 19h15, by Samba Camara

Nouakchott seeks companies to build two interchanges

The Mauritanian Ministry of Equipment and Transport has called for tenders to construct two interchanges...

Land transport

16/11/2020 at 16h50, by Samba Camara

Azizi Group’s SCET RIM in the running to supervise Néma/N’Beiket Lahwach road works ($32m)

The firm, owned by the former linchpin of Mauritanian business, is competing against four other candidates...

Construction & Infrastructure

04/11/2020 at 17h48, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Tshisekedi renews his trust in China Railway Group Limited

Highly active in the country for the past ten years, the company has won two new road contracts amounting...

Construction & Infrastructure

20/10/2020 at 16h34, by Pierre-Olivier Rouaud

Spanish Treasury set to finance Alstom’s Casablanca tramway contract

Jeune Afrique Business+ reveals the details of the rolling stock contract for the forthcoming T3 and...

Land transport

07/10/2020 at 15h39, by Jeune Afrique Business+

FMO reaffirms faith in SA Taxi with $15m anti-Covid loan

The Dutch funder has now supported the private taxi lender to the tune of $40m.

Construction & Infrastructure

25/09/2020 at 16h01, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Algiers metro renationalisation not (yet) affecting RATP’s large tramway contracts

This setback for RATP, which wanted to continue operating the metro, comes at a time when the group has,...

Land transport

23/09/2020 at 16h47, by Aurélie Benoit

Heetch, first VTC operator to get on the road in Angola

The company, which competes with Careem (Uber) in the Maghreb, plans to open its first market south of...

Land transport

10/09/2020 at 20h09, by Gaëlle Arenson

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