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07/05/2021 at 17h12, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Which banks are advising MTN and Vodafone in their Ethiopian telecom license bid?

According to several sources consulted by Jeune Afrique Business +, the two candidates for a new telecom...


30/04/2021 at 18h27, by Jeune Afrique Business+

No Africanisation at Airtel Africa under new head Olusegun Ogunsanya

The Sunil Mittal loyalist was appointed head of the Pan-African group after managing the Nigerian subsidiary...


29/04/2021 at 18h29, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Brook Taye, advisor to Minister Ahmed Shides, at the heart of Ethiopia’s telecom licensing process

After a career in the United States, Brook Taye, a Doctor of Management Sciences, joined the Ministry...


21/04/2021 at 17h10, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Who is Stéphane Bénichou, Axian’s deal maker in telecoms?

Axian CEO Hassanein Hiridjee called on a long-time friend to ensure a successful takeover of Millicom’s...


20/04/2021 at 18h12, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Nicolas Blixell, VP MEA Ericsson: « 4G remains the real lever for growth »

Jeune Afrique Business + spoke with the Swedish telecommunications infrastructure specialist, which aims...


19/04/2021 at 17h57, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Why Tactis chose Morocco for its second African location

Jeune Afrique Business + takes a look at the current French contracts, leading with the installation...


07/04/2021 at 19h19, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Orange spin-off Bizao targets merchant payments in Côte d’Ivoire 

A single terminal for mobile money transactions from various operators is behind the partnership between...

Executive Management

06/04/2021 at 19h43, by Jeune Afrique Business+

The people behind Strive Masiyiwa’s Econet Global

In its new ranking of the top 50 men who make digital Africa today, Jeune Afrique selected as number...


05/04/2021 at 15h57, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Uganda opposes American Tower monopoly

The sub-contractor of GSM relay antennas faces a regulatory deadline in Kenya.


26/03/2021 at 18h45, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Africa’s Top 50 Digital Personalities

Accelerated, thanks to the pandemic, the current technological revolution brings together an increasingly...


26/03/2021 at 18h29, by Jeune Afrique Business+

M-Pesa GM Sitoyo Lopokoiyit says the company is not for sale despite capital restructuring

The fintech mobile phone platform wants to enrich its offerings and has no plans to set up in French-speaking...


25/03/2021 at 18h51, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Sudanese Hani Osman El Hassan takes the helm of Expresso Sénégal

According to Jeune Afrique Business +, the new boss formerly with MTN and Zain will take up his new position...

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