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12/05/2021 at 19h14, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Tunisian tenors Ferchiou, Jeribi, Maktouf and El Air mobilised in Loukil/Stellantis dispute

A former minister, two reputable business law firms—and even lawyers who count Ziad Takieddine and relatives...

Executive Management

08/12/2020 at 17h37, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Mike Whitfield and the team leading Nissan in Africa

The South African is poised to oversee all continental operations. Despite the global crisis, Africa...


03/12/2020 at 07h39, by Aurelie Benoit

Bassem Loukil seeks cash injection for UADH and explores electric cars with Chinese firm Foton

The Loukil Investment Group boss is preparing a capital increase for his car holding company while also...

Executive Management

08/09/2020 at 18h07, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Volkswagen refreshes its Johannesburg management

Jeune Afrique Business+ brings you the details.

Automobile manufacturing

29/05/2020 at 17h16, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Renault in North Africa: Somaca plant expansion put on hold, but Tangier and Oran are spared

Announced at the end of 2018, the plan to double the capacity of the Somaca plant located in Casablanca...


20/05/2020 at 19h16, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Cevital plans to relaunch its automotive activities

Although the Covid-19 epidemic and anti-import measures have led to a gloomy economic situation for automotive...

Automobile manufacturing

23/04/2020 at 17h58, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Renault/Morocco: Why the announced resumption of operations caught the Africa regional division off guard

Renault Morocco’s announcement on 18 April that the Tanger Med and Casablanca plants are getting ready...


08/04/2020 at 16h59, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Guillaume Cartier to take over as chairman of Nissan’s Africa, Middle East and India (AMI) region

As the Covid-19 crisis unfolds, the new chairman of the AMI region is expected to revive the Japanese...

Automotive distribution

07/04/2020 at 16h38, by Jeune Afrique Business+

In Algeria, Volkswagen terminates its distribution contract with Sovac

The motor vehicle group is also looking for a solution to get its Relizane plant back up and running.


17/03/2020 at 17h21, by Aurelie Benoit

Bassem Loukil: “We are now working on several scenarios” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

The conglomerate, with over 3,600 employees, has seen its business badly affected with the arrival of...

Automobile manufacturing

05/03/2020 at 16h32, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Automobile manufacturing

05/03/2020 at 15h19, by Aurelie Benoit

Hyundai appoints Bang Sun Jeong to head the MEA Region

The new VP for the dual zones is a company insider who has already overseen operations for the Asia region.

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