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09/09/2021 at 09h50, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Charles Kié launches Genesis Hospitality Immo Fund

The Ivorian banker is planting his flag in tourism and real estate to respond to the strong demand in...

Hotel business

03/09/2021 at 17h10, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Accor is considering new brands in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea 

Even if the sector’s recovery is still hesitant, the hotel group is still looking to develop its offer...

Hospitality & Tourism

30/08/2021 at 16h15, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Egypt Ministry of Defence wins its case against Alboghdady in Washington

The hotelier’s eviction was ordered by the court just days before the end of the lease agreement.

Hotel business

13/07/2021 at 18h04, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Express Union’s Albert Kouinche banks on Le Meridien 

The Cameroonian entrepreneur signed a management agreement with the Marriott group on 12 July for the...

Hospitality & Tourism

25/06/2021 at 16h29, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Salaam Properties—Radisson Hotel’s new partner in Djibouti

The American group Radisson Hotel will make its first foray into Djibouti, opening a new 144-room luxury...

Hospitality & Tourism

17/06/2021 at 21h14, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Mossadeck Bally awaits funding from BOAD and Coris Bank to reopen Azalai Indépendance Hotel

According to Jeune Afrique Business+ sources, the head of the pan-African hotel group is working hard...

Hotel business

14/06/2021 at 16h37, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Mauritius Commercial Bank crosses swords with Accor’s Belle Rivière Hotel

The hotel company is unable to repay a €25 million loan.

Hotel business

03/06/2021 at 17h00, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Radisson will open six new hotels in Africa by year-end 

Despite the crisis, the hotel group intends to continue its continental development and inaugurate six...

Hotel business

28/05/2021 at 17h33, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Kerfalla Person Camara positioned on two new Accor hotels in Conakry

According to Jeune Afrique Business+ sources, Kerfalla Person Camara positioned on two new Accor hotels...

Hotel business

04/05/2021 at 17h33, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Hotel business

30/03/2021 at 19h14, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Marc Frère at the helm of the Pullman, Novotel and Ibis hotels in Dakar

An inside exclusive from Jeune Afrique Business +.

Hotel business

03/03/2021 at 17h24, by Jeune Afrique Business+

Accor: Daniel Karbownik appointed Regional Director West & Central Africa

The manager has unpacked his bags in Abidjan after almost five years in Dakar. The group’s musical chairs...

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